How Many Hands?

little hands

So the big question always goes something like this, “This is supposed to be a child friendly project, but how much will I have to help really?”  In response to this, I am going to attempt to be honest with you as I post kid friendly projects.  Remember, the idea is to explore and create together.  To spend time together and to learn together.  Our children learn so much from us and the value of your time with them is priceless indeed.

That being said, I know some days you have a lot of time and effort to share and other days energy and cheer-leading power are at a minimum.  The result?  The Hand Rating system.  It goes a little like this…

1 Hand: A child will need set up (opening containers, clean area, a good hair tie etc.)  Then its pretty much an encourage as you go sort of deal!  Clean up will need some assistance as well, as it typically the case with kiddos!

2 Hands: All of the above apply in addition to helping to put peices together in the right place or measuring exact amounts.  A bit more than the typical set up as ongoing assistance and encouragement will be needed at a minimal sort of level.

3 Hands:  In addition to helping with pieces, some cutting or other closer type of supervision is required.  For example, use of stove, use of scissors, use of special chemicals (ie. borax or some painting supplies) etc.  This likely is a small part of the project.

4 Hands: Use of special items is more prevalent in the project so regular close supervision and assistance is required.  Don’t attempt these projects while you are trying to make dinner or are on a phone call!

5 Hands: This is truly a joint effort.  Close supervision is required at all times.

You, of course, know your child best and the amount of supervision they require.  Hopefully this will simply give you a general idea of the depth of the project.  Please provide supervision as is appropriate for you and your family!

Hope this helps to pick out a project that is just right for you!

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