Angsty Jane

Ok.  It’s time to admit it.

I am a full on drama addict.  I am not talking about US daily or prime time dramas.  I am talking about international dramas.  Yup… the one’s with subtitles.  Love em.

Because I have watched so many, I started my own blog about them.  I was going to add them in there but then it just seemed a bit too much everyday life for one little blog.

Primarily, I watch Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and occasionally Japanese and Thai dramas.  They usually run only one season, so its a bit like watching a multi-hour marathon movie.  They are anywhere from 10-100+ episodes although the longest I have watched personally was 70 episodes and the shortest was 2.  The genres run the gambit from period/costume to rom-com to mystery.  They have them all!

It started out as an adventure to connect with my daughter as she journeyed farther and farther into Asian culture and ended with me enjoying it as much as she does.  In fact I will say that while she is the ultimate k-pop fan… I am pure drama addict.

If you would like to know a bit more about what I am talking about… hop over here to and check it out!


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