Redefining Wonder Woman

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally see Wonder Woman on the big screen this coming June.  Wonder Woman has long been my favorite super hero.

In today’s day and age, Wonder Woman is often the figure associated with a strong, powerful woman.  She represents the woman who can and does do everything.  I think that with many more working mothers, with many more over stretched mothers and with many mothers who loved Wonder Woman as much as I did, she became our brand.  We can do it all.  We are Wonder Women!

Let me tell you something.  That’s hard to do.  Really, really hard to do… doing it all alone… taking it all on…  And in a time where women continue to strive for equality, I need to point something out.

Wonder Woman didn’t always fight by herself.  She had her Amazon sisters first… and then the Justice League  (yup, my geek is showing, I know it 🙂 )

Much of Wonder Woman’s (and any superhero for that matter) power came in knowing when a problem was bigger than her and in getting the help she needed, when she needed it.  No one ever called her weak for that.  So why do we think we are weak if and when we get to the point where we need help?  Why do we shy away from asking for it?

So my deep thought for the day is simply this…


Who are your Justice League?  And do you call them when you need help?

Thanks for stopping by!

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