Happy International Kiss a Ginger Day

Hey all!  Though the weather may be a bit frightful outside, inside here we are celebrating the beauty of my lovely red haired daughter.  When she was first born, I have to admit it was a total shock.  “It’s a girl!  She has red hair?!”  That red hasn’t changed since day one.



What I never realized was that red heads truly face a world of different challenges than the rest of us.  I guess it makes sense since they make up such a seriously small part of the world population (1-2 percent.)  If they are blessed with blue eyes as well then yeah… recessive gene party!


So, as the mom of a redhead, (which I learned early on was not the best thing to call my little one… Mom, I don’t have a RED head.  My hair is red.” )I have learned many things so wanted to share a bit in their honor!

  1. When you have a red haired child, the first question is…  Did you have red hair as a child or “who has red hair?”  Inevitably the older generation will start taking credit for the beautiful locks… your grandma did, your great Aunt Nellie did… it’s sort of funny.  I hear at different times what people did or didn’t.  Long story short- someone did, somewhere.
  2. The next question is often…  Is that your real color?  Well, she’s 5, so, yeah.
  3. People born with red hair often have a different tolerance to pain, to hot and cold and anesthesia.  Found this one on the interwebs and well, in an unofficial poll of red headed friends, seems to be true!
  4. Red heads have no soul… or as my daughter likes to say- “Every freckle I have represents a soul I have taken!”  This idea was like totally out of left field to me the first time I heard it from my daughter.  It’s a thing though!  Apparently this stigma has been around for a really long time. Think Middle Ages, Ancient Egypt- children of Satan, buried as sacrifices, seen as witches.  Which leads me to fact #5…
  5. Bullying of redheads is a real thing. One BBC report stated that “bullying of gingers” is “one of the last socially accepted forms of prejudice against people for a trait they were born with”. So not cool.  I posted a picture of my daughter who has indeed been the victim of bullying for many years and again… the informal FB poll proved that this is also an unfortunate truth.


So there you have it.  Some random facts about the beautiful red haired beauties in your lives.  If you see a red haired lovely today, be sure to give them a kiss (my daughter says the chocolate kind will do very nicely!) and let them know how truly special they are… including their beautiful souls.

Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “Happy International Kiss a Ginger Day

  1. we have loads of reddish haired people on my dad’s side, but on my mom’s side, the red aired cousin was a big surprise to everyone. AND SHE HAS CURLS! oh, so jealous of that beautiful hair. Sorry to hear about the bullying, though, I hope she didn’t endure that. And the pain thing? Are they more or less tolerant of it?

    • I actually think its a bit of both- more sensitive to some pain, less sensitive to others. Yeah, the bullying thing really stinks. These lovelies are like unicorns… so rare! And we are like you. I have realized that there are 7 cousins of my daughters generation who all have red hair, both sides! It’s pretty awesome.

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