Puppies and People… Parenting is hard!

So, this little furry friend has joined our crazy family.


No… no.  I didn’t, I swear!


In early September, I made good on a really, really old promise.  You see, I told my oldest two children that we could get a puppy when everyone was out of diapers.  One can only take care of so much poop at a time, ya know?  Well, that was a good six years ago.

As Maple Syrup Mabel (the puppy) adjusts to living with us after being rescued from a high kill shelter and traveling across the country, I am realizing that I am having to shape my children as much as I have to shape our new puppy.

Teaching them what to touch, what’s good to eat, how to play hard and sleep well…  having a puppy is so much like having a child.

It would be really easy to just simply do everything myself instead of teaching but parenting a child (or a puppy) doesn’t work that way.  Eventually, we want them to go out on their own.  We want them to explore, know their boundaries, know when to stand up for themselves and know how to turn away from a fight.  We need them to know how to sniff out their friends and identify potential risks from afar.  They need to know when to speak up and when to keep quiet.


Just like this little puppy, we all continue to grow.  We might not double in size like this little one did in a month (or at least we shouldn’t!) but we will hopefully all continue to learn and teach what we know.  I can’t always be there on the other side when the door opens and they walk through it but I can create a place that is safe and warm, cozy, open and caring for them to return home to.  That’s the tough part about being a parent…  hoping they always return safely home…

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