Summer Scene


Summer Scene

Summer days, hot and hazy,

Kids inside, tired and lazy,

You flit around from flower to flower,

With no regard to temperature or hour,

Gently embracing natures risks,

Avoiding harm with graceful twists,

Thank you for showing me patience and love,

And appreciation for all God’s gifts from above.


I am not sure what it has been like in your part of the world, but this summer has been especially hot here!  With high humidity mixed in, air quality has been awful!  Finally managed to get outside to check the gardens and found this HUGE thistle.  Around it were many little bugs, weaving and dodging around, including this little butterfly.  Thought maybe it was a moth but learned because of its daytime activity, upright wings and thin body that it is indeed a butterfly.  Learn something new every day and found some inspiration to boot!

What have you done today to find a bit of inspiration?

Thanks for stopping by!

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