Day is Done: Sunset Photography

Another month has passed in the year 2016.  I am truthfully not aware of where the time has gone!

As we took some time to get away this past weekend, I was once again enamored with the glorious sunsets.  Typically, I take about a million full length shots.  The way the light plays on the water and the silhouettes created by the surroundings always fascinate me.


This time of year is perfect for unadulterated sunsets since the lake traffic is minimal.  And as I look at the colors that nature created I think, yup.  These crazy colors DO exist in nature.

This weekend for some reason I got a little nutty behind the camera and zoomed all the way in on the sun and I am so glad I did.  As I am reminded again and again, often you can find additional beauty in the details.


How about you?  Do you try to change things up with your photography or do you have a set pattern that gives you consistently what you are looking for?  Love to know your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by!

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