Awareness for Mommas Day 4

Be aware of your own feelings.

Special needs parents awareness

Now, this may seem like a totally obvious “awareness” issue, but it is one I struggled with for a long time.

You see, when you face people who are in need, it is the perfectly human response to give and give, and give.

But, you aren’t just giving your time or talent, you indeed give a bit of yourself each time.

Soon, there is nothing left.

You give your emotions.

You give your heart.

Negative feelings like anger or fear or sorrow seem like they have no place in a giving heart.  As a professional, they feel “unprofessional.”  As a parent, they may even make you feel guilty.

Unfortunately, as you suppress your negative feelings, so to do you suppress your positive ones.  The wall you build around your heart does not discriminate what it lets in or out.  As a result, it is easy to become numb.

Numb works for simply keeping stress at bay but numb does not do anything to help you fill your heart again with joy and love and laughter.

Acknowledge all of your feelings, for what they are… good, bad or otherwise.  They give you an idea of what is going on inside your mind, inside your heart.  Feel them and then let them go if you need to.  But above all, feel them without regret, without guilt and without judgment.  You have my permission.

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