Awareness for Mommas Day 3

Be aware of what you say and what you do!

This may seem like an obvious one but I think many times when children have a difficult time speaking, it is often easy to also assume that they have a hard time understanding as well.

I could write for days about the fallacy in that belief and instead will leave it to this…

All children understand more than you imagine.

kbt_10AwarenessDays_3 copy

Children have proven that to me over and over again throughout my 19 years as an OT.  From the child who made up a complete phrase, counting the number of people in the room and accurately telling them all to go home when given a communication device for the first time, to the child who let the whole world know that indeed waffles were not here favorite food, pancakes were, lack of a voice does not mean lack of intelligence.

In a classroom, a study was done where the teachers were told to give children a gifted test.  All children took the test and the teachers were not told scores but only that 5 children (randomly picked) were indeed the gifted children.  These children were taught differently, were perceived differently and in fact gained the greatest amount of knowledge vs. the other children in the class.  They were not the top 5 gifted children.  Perception and words hold great power.  Use them wisely!

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