Awareness for Mothers- Day 1

I have to admit that my head has been a bit spinning lately with awareness posts.  April was Occupational Therapy Awareness month, Autism Awareness month and May is Better Speech and Hearing Month as well as May 14th is National Apraxia awareness day.  This week is teacher appreciation week and of course Mother’s Day is coming up soon too!

So, how do I pay homage to all of these great things?  How do I raise awareness?  I think what has had me stuck spinning my wheels in terms of blogging about them is that I feel “awareness” is a bit over used these days.  I would love instead to add some different descriptors- appreciation, acceptance, information, knowledge.  All of the awareness days/months have different target audiences in mind and somehow the basics feel like they get diluted.  As a result, I am going to try a bit something different this year.

Today I present to you the 10 days of Awareness for Mommas.  Hopefully it can provide you with a bit of knowledge, a bit of inspiration, a call for acceptance, a bit of information and if nothing else some easy reading.

Day 1:  Be aware of your gut instincts and trust your intuition.

Awareness, disabilitiy, mother's day

No mom (or dad) wants to think that something is wrong with their child but early intervention, early identification and early access to professionals with the right knowledge is key during the first few years of life.  Make a call to your local early intervention providers so that you can get hooked up with the right professionals to give your child a hand if they need it!

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