5 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate

Sometimes life just feels like is swallows you up doesn’t it?

You get a call that throws you off.  You get some mail that throws you off.  Your car has unexpected repairs… you know what I am talking about.

You can feel the positivity leaving and the negativity setting it.

That’s where I found myself this week and I knew I had to kick it into rejuvenate gear pronto!

Over the course of the past few years, I have come to find a few things that really help me to get my mojo back in order.  They help to clear my mind so that I can take positive action forward and help to rekindle my spirit so that I can continue to give to those who need me most, my family.  These quick and easy things, when practiced regularly really do help!

hike pause nature

1) Breathe.  The good news is, if you are reading this post, then you can do this activity. The difference between breathing to live and breathing to rejuvenate is where you put your focus.  In order to rejuvenate through breathing, you need to breathe in deeply, using your abdomen (feel your belly actually come out as you breathe in) and then exhale all the way out until the teeny tiny little vessels in your lungs are clear, feeling your belly push in all the way that it possibly can.  Repeat this task at least 3-5 times, each time feeling the breath deeper and deeper and each time breathing out stress and worry.  Many times this alone helps me to think… wait… what was I dredging around in my head a minute ago?

2) Go.  Go outside.  Go to a different room than you normally sit in.  Go to a different store.  Change your routine up a bit and shake up your senses by seeing something new.  Go for a drive!  (just not when you are upset!)

3) Walk.  Exercise in the form of walking or Pilates or a hike or interval training (anything that gets your body and heart pumping) helps in a couple of ways.  It helps to get that oxygen exchange happening (like in the first easy task) and it helps with getting your mind off of whatever you are mulling about.  It also helps by releasing some good happy chemicals into your body.  Not to mention, you often get a nice boost of energy afterward.

4) Quiet.  Find a place of quiet and still your mind and simply focus on, well, nothing.  This is another great one to pair with breathing.  Finding a place and being in a place of silence actually nourishes your frazzled nervous system.  Amazingly, many people find it difficult to remain with quiet for any period of time.  Try just 5 minutes and up it from there as you practice.

5) Disconnect.  Unplug it all.  Phone, internet, television and better yet, take that found time and use it to pamper yourself.  Honestly, it will feel like a mini retreat!  Heck, you could make it into one!  Put on your bathrobe, turn on your fave tunes and dance or give yourself a manicure or pedicure, or both!  If the budget allows, go get your hair done or get a nice facial.  Don’t feel guilty, you need this time to be your best!

If you are anything like me, you may find yourself combining many of these things into one nice long rejuvenating task, hiking.  As a family, we went to a local state park on Saturday.  Was it on the chore or to do list, nope.  It was, however, something that both hubby and I needed.  Fresh air, fresh, beautiful sights, exercise and quality, disconnected family time.  And you know there was photography.  I always include my camera when it comes to rejuvenating my spirit.  To capture the simple, beautiful world around me, to take the time to see the amazingly designed, perfectly executed splendors that the universe presents daily helps me to put it all into perspective.  The divine, the universe, God,  doesn’t goof.

willow macro

It doesn’t get much better.  To top it off, it felt like it took all day, when in reality, we were gone for only an hour and a half.  You know you are rejuvenating when it feels like it goes on and on and on….. Ahhhh….

Hope this helps you find some quick and easy ways to rekindle your spirit!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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