Attainable Dreams

For me it started as an idea a long time ago.

I stood outside of a therapy room, frustrated not with the child but with the parent inside.

I asked a co-worker how I could better understand.  I wanted to understand.

And then, as if universe heard me (and really, I believe it always does), I became a parent of a super different kiddo myself.

With that, I began a new journey, but not one I expected.

I didn’t learn about the disability world, I already knew about that.

I learned about myself.

I uncovered emotions and frustrations.  I used up all of my once never ending patience.

I lost my job.  I lost time and I lost myself.

It didn’t add up in my head.  My logical mind and my feeling heart were at constant odds with each other.

My protective parent and my therapeutic professional side often discussed how things should be and the reality of how they were… on this side of the disability table.

I read the professional research.  I read parent blogs.  I felt the disconnect.

So I began.  I began a new dream.  Its a dream without frustration, without limitations, without negativity.

Its a different sort of dream.  Its a dream of full acceptance and like any dream, it will take work to make it a reality.

I am dreaming of a different disability world and this world starts with each and every mom of a super special kiddo who is tired, frustrated, drained and feeling hopeless.

I would love to have you dream this dream with me and take our tender hearts to teeming once more.

disability dreams

Thanks for reading!

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