Three Colors, Three Ways- Alcohol Ink Abstract Series

I think I have been watching too many episodes of Master Chef.  Actually, its Master Chef Jr with my kiddos.  Hey, if my 6 and 8 year old want to learn how to cook, I am right there with them!

This past week I did some pie cooking (for national Pi day of course- 3/14/15- French Silk and Peanut Butter, but that’s another post!) as well as cooked up some colors.  Lately I have been loving how just 3 colors can create such variety in what you see!

I am also starting to think about hanging my art around my house.  I love the colors when I create and then my images managed to find their way into the finished pile for some later date.  Anyone else guilty of that?  Anyway, its starting to seem really silly to me, so I created a series because I am a sucker for all things 3.

With the snow still melting outside my window, the idea of Spring couldn’t be any stronger in my mind so the colors chosen were all about Spring!

Using a blue, a pink and a yellow alcohol ink, blending medium and Ranger Glossy paper, each of the images was created allowing the ink to flow freely on its own.

The first image was created by letting ink drip down the short sides of the paper after covering the paper with blending solution first.

alcohol ink abstract Ranger glossy paper

After that ink had played out, the glossy paper was flipped and ink was added down the other side, adding a bit of blending solution to help it move the length of the paper.

Additional ink was added, again by flipping, this time without blending solution.  Steps repeated with care not to over work.  (Which I think is the hardest part!)

The second image was created using the process above, only this time along the long side of the glossy paper.

alcohol ink abstract Tim Holtz

Want a quick and easy way to study color?  This is it! Look at those greens and purples coming through and even a magenta!  So fun!

Finally, I got a bit nutty and tied both the horizontal and vertical lines together on a paper.  I think this one is my favorite.

alcohol ink abstract Tim Holtz Glossy paper Ranger Ink

I am continually amazed at the depth of color that these little inks provide.  They are so much fun to drip and let do their thing.  I have been blasting my fave music while I do it and totally getting out of my own head for a bit.  So therapeutic!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!


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