Floral Connection- Alcohol Ink Abstract on Yupo

Do you find that the seasons of your creativity, just like with life, ebb and flow?

I have been taking a couple of courses since the beginning of the year and am discovering many things about myself.  One of them, perhaps an obvious one at this point, is that I need to create.  I love to create new things.  One of my shadows, perhaps, is that it feels a tad selfish to create for the sake of creating.  Things need a purpose!  I am realizing that much of the creating that I do is really not for the sake of sale but for the sake of teaching.  I love to teach people, to inspire people to do new things and to feel awesome about themselves afterward and so, I keep creating.

Playing with ink on paper is also a way for me to get out of my head.  I am quite a cerebral type quite often as evidenced by my inability to even just paint without marking the steps mentally but lately I have been trying to do something different.

Inks have a way of doing their own thing and so, as part of my “writing ritual” to get out of my head and into my heart before putting fingers to keyboard, I am blasting music and simply dripping ink.  Some days I help it flow, others, I just let it go.  In making this part of my “ritual” I have committed to creating art 3x a week, along with my writing.  I think its a win win for me!

That being said, I want to continue to share with you!  So, hopefully each week I will be able to share what I created- alcohol ink, mixed media or otherwise.  Win, win, win for me!  Hopefully you enjoy it too!

Up first-

This lovely was created, as indicated, over 3 days.  Day one, 5 different inks were chosen- yellow, blue, peach, green and magenta.

alcohol ink project materials

Ink was dripped at random onto the paper, making sure to fill in each section of the 5×7 sheet of yupo.

alcohol ink drips

On day 2,  I took 91% isopropyl alcohol and spritzed it onto a piece of saran wrap and placed it over top of the image.  I let the wrap stay there for about 10 minutes.

alcohol ink with saran wrap

Upon removing it, I noticed all of the cool ink still left on the wrap, so I placed the wrap onto a clean sheet of yupo.  It created a really cool looking background… that I unfortunately went on to turn into mud.  Whoops!


The original background was still a tad bright, so I repeated the wrap/alcohol step (and the background transfer step… at which point the cool second background became mostly brownish black.  oh well!)


On day 3, I took a look at the background image and found places that seemed like floral centers and dripped a drip of the magenta and a drip of the peach together onto where the base of a petal would be.  Holding the canned air nozzle perpendicular to the paper, I sprayed the ink outward.  You will want to be sure your working area is covered or that you are working in a sort of self contained corner for this step.  Trust me when I say that the ink flies of the page!  I repeated this step for all three flowers, decreasing the amount of peach added to subsequent petals to add some depth of color.


Flowers emerged!

alcohol ink abstract flower vibrant art

Hope you enjoy it!


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