Marriage and Funerals: Remembering September 11

Fifteen years ago today, I married my best friend.  In looking through old photos for a true throwback Thursday on Facebook, I came across some pictures I knew I had, but had yet to find.

It was 1999 and my new hubby and I headed to NYC for my brother’s birthday.  It was a big one, ending in a zero, so the gang was all there.  My younger brother took his first cab ride and we kindly let him have the front seat so we all fit.  Yup, never heard the end of that one but hey, he survived!

There was blow up furniture and steak dinners.  Tequila, I think, and lots of darts and pool.  The city never slept so we barely did.

World Trade center pre September 11

World Trade Center, 1999

In true NYC style, we headed out to walk the city and explore.  My older brother took us down to the World Trade center and the parks.  It was a fabulous day.  We sat inside the atrium at the base of the towers and had lunch.  My brother talked about riding the elevators up to his office.  We discussed life in the big city and we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Life was carefree and of course, I was happy snapping pictures.

Atrium of the World Trade Center, 1999

Atrium of the World Trade Center, 1999

Fast forward two short years. The conversation was much different. Instead of dinner plans and pool games, wedding days and honey moons, my brother and I talked about funerals and loss.

“There are just so many,” he said. “How can I choose?”

He had worked in the towers for many years.  His consulting job had ended prior to September 11, 2001, but the people he worked with, had remained. Each day while he was there, he looked out of those glorious windows from a corner office. He had taken photos at night from those windows… looking uptown and down. He also would have been face to face with the pilot of the second plane had he been there that day.   I thank God that he was not but my heart breaks for all of those he knew who were.

This day will forever be branded on our hearts, for the college mate that was lost, for the hometown boy who was lost… for the fathers and brothers, mothers and sisters… aunts, uncles, cousins…friends…

There were just so many and no good way to choose.

This is a day where I hug my best friend for the life we have built together and we remember how we are blessed by the breath given to us each and every single day we take it.

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