Macro Rose petal Photography

Hey there!  Missed me?

Man, when I started the summer, I knew I would take some time off here to spend with my children… but whoosh… the whole summer is gone!  A friend of mine suggested that I post a closed for the season post next time.  Oops!!

So this week I find myself (and my family) hanging out at one of our favorite places and honestly, it is the most perfect place to recharge after a sort of go, go, go summer.  My husband and I have often discussed what makes it so relaxing… the large body of water?  Being outside all day with nature?  While those contribute greatly, I actually think it is simplicity above all else.

orangesunsetlandscape_72wm copy

A sunset like this most nights doesn’t hurt either…

The house really doesn’t contain anything that is not essential.  Only what you need to exist on a daily basis (or for a week if you have to plan like me!)  To that end, there is not clutter. You can find little “extra” stuff.  Granted, that includes daily things like bills and calendars and other stress inducing things but honestly, even those,when introduced here do not seem so annoying.  So yes…. ahhhhhhh…. my mind and creative juices are restored.  So guess what I wanted to do?  Create!  (Shocker right?)

My youngest daughter and I set out on the first morning and took lots and lots of pictures on a relaxing stroll.  In fact, my daughter had the camera in her hands more than I did!

Rose photo by my daughter

Rose photo by my daughter

This beautiful pink beauty couldn’t help but beg for a macro shot.  The leaves were so delicate and full of light and life.



Macro photography is so interesting to me.  Maybe I have begun to channel my inner Georgia O’Keefe or maybe I love the abstract designs that nature creates so flawlessly.  Either way, I continue to explore it and my ability to edit a photo to enhance it and not destroy its integrity and essence. Next up, trying to paint them!

Thanks for coming back if you did… sorry I was away so long!


3 thoughts on “Macro Rose petal Photography

  1. Incredible macros. I know the expertise it takes not to take from the essence of the flower. You did a great job and yes I too love Georgia O’Keefe. Keep up the great work!!! Love, Amy

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