Why I Love Drying Time

I think it is dreaded throughout the artistic community.

There are tools out there to diminish its impact in fact.

What prey tell is this horrid creative smasher?

Drying time.

paint drying time

This is me being creative!

Now, I will say, that when I first started painting, especially mixed media, I HATED drying time.  Why?  Simply put, it interrupts the flow of the creative process.  I think many artist feel that drying time can easily “block” where they are going with a piece.

*insert fevered frenzy here*

As time has passed, I have realized a few different things about the artistic process for me…

1) I tend to get clear on where an image is going before I start.  Does it turn out the way I envisioned always, nope. In fact, it rarely does. If not though, I still believe it turned out how it was supposed to be in the first place.

2) I know that certain pieces take time. Playing in different mediums has allowed me to understand them all a bit better.  Alcohol ink on a non-porous surface dries almost instantly!  A collaged piece with many many layers take a lot of time to dry.

3) Housework, though I do not prefer it as a past time, is a necessary thing.  Drying time is PERFECT for changing over laundry, doing the dishes, quickly straightening a room, vacuuming…  That way, I get the feeling that I can paint my pallet and clean up too!

4) Finally, I realize that creativity is as much a practice as it is a process.  If I only get my materials together or a canvas prepped, then well, that is at least a start.  It all has to start somewhere!

Hopefully as your artistic journey unfolds, you will discover the processes that work for you too.

So what do you think… love drying time or blast through it with a drying tool?  Love to hear what you do!

Thanks for stopping by!



One thought on “Why I Love Drying Time

  1. I used to dislike drying time too, now I make it work for me by working on 2 or 3 (or 4!) pieces at the same time. That way I my flow doesn’t get interrupted.

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