Purposeful Painting

Purposeful.  That word has been resonating in my heart lately for many reasons.  When I started painting all those many years ago, I did so for the beauty, the color and simply the purpose of creating something with my hands.  That was satisfying.  My pieces did not have purpose, other than to learn really and to enjoy.

As I would walk through gallery displays of work, I would see descriptions about an image and think “Wow.”  Does this abstract really represent the internal struggle of man?  Not sure!  But to the artist, that was that piece’s purpose.

In creating with alcohol ink, I am realizing that I need to place a drip or a drop with purpose or it all just gets away from me. Honestly, that is some of what I enjoy about it.  I give it a purpose and then it does its own thing.  I really can’t futz with it or it turns into mud.  I have to be purposeful and then have faith that it will turn out as it is supposed to, even if the end results are way different from where I started in my head.

Alcohol ink on yupo flowers

Alcohol ink on yupo


Kind of like parenting don’t you think?  Be purposeful and then have faith.  Sort of like life, no?  Be purposeful, then have faith.

Are you creating with purpose? Creating great kids?  Creating great lives for your family?  Creating great beauty in your art?

Do so bravely and with purpose, and then, well, have faith.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Purposeful Painting

    • That is such a strange expression don’t you think- “On purpose.” I can see how they would think that though, since if I did something “on purpose” it usually was something I was getting trouble for :). Thanks for stopping by!

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