I think this was one of the hardest pieces I have ever envisioned.

Created for a friend who was lost way too early and way too unexpectedly, this layout needed to go into a book for the family.

I started to do my usual scrapbook thing and stopped.

I started again and stopped.

Then I heard her words in my head… push through and be authentically you.  It’s amazing.  You’re amazing.

She saw it.  She always saw it.  I WANTED to see it and in that, I had no trust.

I had no trust that it would turn out as it should.

I had no faith in myself or in the process.

So, with her in my head, I started where she taught me to start… with real things.

I put ink on paper and played.  I put more ink down and stopped.  It was pretty.

Then I thought, push.  Push further- so close you might almost ruin it.

So I did.

I put down more ink and it splattered everywhere.  So I added some more and some more and some more.

Then a bit of detail- started from a drip I had not placed.

It emerged.

Her flower.  She saw the beauty.  She always did.

alcohol ink painting


The final image was photographed and a scrapbook layout was created in photoshop elements.  Journaling is an original poem by me, so please do not use it.  Thanks.

Thanks for stopping by… I hope you find the beauty in your world today.


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