Happy OT Month!

It’s here!  It’s here!  Happy OT Month everyone!!!So, some of you are like… um…  I do over time ever month silly girl.

Others are like… um… OT?  What is that?

Occupational Therapy is a rehabilitation profession focused on helping people do what they love to do despite disability.  (or at least that is my elevator version.)  If you would like the LONG history version… hop over HERE.

OT is the difference between this…

sad t rex

and this…


Artwork created by Goodie Two Sleeves… sold on redditgifts.com

Sadly, this is not our national logo, but maybe I will make a petition for it to be!

I am going to be posting all month long on a hot button topic… ergonomics and creatives!  Or as I am going to call it: ERGOART!

OK… maybe not. Anyway.

Some stretches, some positioning, keeping away from pesky repetitive strain and all sorts of other things that we creative types don’t think about, until we have to, but things that we OT types do!

If you know or work with an OT, be sure to give them some extra high fives and thanks today.  I know they will appreciate it.

OT Month 2014

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Happy OT Month!

  1. I never really knew that’s what it was called! I get RSI really easily, so I deal with this on a daily basis, trying to find ways of doing the stuff I need to or want to do while working with my body’s limitations.

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