Saran wrapped Mother’s Vase

How is it that April is already upon us?  I try to stay slightly seasonal in my thinking, but this loooooooooong winter has muttled my brain!

Do you recall last year when I made a mother’s vase?  I think it was one of my favorite crafts to date.  In my “seasonal” thinking, I saw some small glass jars on sale and just had to make some more!

This time, I started by trying something a bit different.  I masked several heart shapes onto the glass and then began dripping as I did in my original project.

The ink didn’t quite play as I hoped it would so I took a crazy path.  I added some blending solution onto a piece of saran wrap and wrapped it around the entire vase shape.  Then I let it sit and dry.

The result was the cool unpredictable pattern you see in the vase.  I pulled off the masking fluid, leaving some cute little hearts.  Added some rose colored wire and some beading and voila!

A brand new mother’s vase!


(*You didn’t think I could let the last day of Craft Month pass without a craft did you?!)

Thanks for reading!


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