Each single life

“A single life, a single touch of vibrancy, affects all around it.”- Kim Bond Thompson

alchohol ink on yupo

I remember working with a young girl named Ashley.  Ashley was a spunky little monkey with a smile to light up a concert hall full. She had beautiful brown hair and bright brown eyes.  When she entered therapy it was like a scene from Cheers… “Ashley!” everyone would yell.

Ashley was a special soul.  Though she could not talk and over time lost her ability to walk, her ability to move at all by herself really, it didn’t matter. Her glorious spirit transcended any physical disability she might have.  Her infectious smile and telling eyes said it all for her.  She gave a little part of her spirit to each and every person she met.

When Ashley died, at the tender age of 10, the large cathedral had standing room only at her funeral mass. It was amazing to see…

In 10 short years, this vibrant soul had touched the lives of those all around her.  She spread her joy without out a word, without a gesture but with a connected smile and understanding eyes.

As I think now about how we are all “connected” through the internet, I wonder how many use that power to spread a smile… to spread understanding…

Its so hard to convey myself, my ideas.  There are so many trolls and nasty people, why bother many people say… to which I reply…

Ashley did it with nothing but a smile and 2 eyes… surely, your mind and 10 fingers can figure it out.

Spread some vibrancy today :).

Thanks for reading!




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