Figure it out! (using masking fluid on Alcohol Ink paintings)

I remember my first job evaluation vividly.

I did well on it, with the exception of one thing.  I asked my supervisor a lot of questions.

Why is that a bad thing you ask? (cause trust me, I asked)

Simply put… because you need to learn to find the answers out for yourself.

I guess its sort of like being told to look a word up in the dictionary that you can’t spell.  Ugh… still hurts my brain to think about how many times my parents told me to do that!

Well, recently, I found myself doing the same thing in a group I belong to.

I asked…

Once I have alcohol ink down on my paper, can I mask over it?

Now, if you are unfamiliar, masking fluid is this cool stuff often used in watercolor to keep a part of the image blank so that you can do a wash of color or less detailed stuff and then go back in to complete something more detailed.  You put it onto your paper in the desired area, let it dry, go nuts with paint, let that dry and then gently take your fingertip and rub the masking fluid off.

I was afraid that masking the ink would pull it off too since it is typically used on dry paper, at the beginning of a project.

Not long after I posed the question, I realized I was doing it again.

Just figure it out yourself!

So I did!

masking fluid on alcohol ink

Turns out you can!

Image 1- scrap with alcohol ink (well dried)

Image 2- masking fluid in the shape of a heart- let dry.

Image 3- add ink to top of dried fluid.

Image 4- remove masking fluid… revealing the heart!

Keep in mind that there are many different brands of masking fluid.  I used the one by Winsor and Newton and *believe* from the responses in the group that other brands work this way with alcohol ink as well.  Some people did report some dulling of the ink colors so if you spend a seriously long time perfecting an area… I don’t suggest you mask it after!

With my question answered… I set out to do what I wanted to do and took to some spring inspiration!

masking fluid with alcohol ink flower on yupo

Thanks for reading!

Here is a fun little video from Cheap Joe’s about masking fluid and how to use it (traditionally!)

9 thoughts on “Figure it out! (using masking fluid on Alcohol Ink paintings)

  1. My dad now uses Pebeo Drawing Gum instead of the Winsor-Newton he loved for many, many years. It seems to work just as well (this is watercolors, mind you) and it costs a lot less. You might want to look into that. I was wondering about masking and AI, too, so I’m glad you answered my questions without me having to ask them. 😀

  2. I never think I’m going to leave a comment, that I’ll just read and move on…. well, that’s a joke. When I saw your flower, I went ahhhhhh! Had to let you know.
    And, hey, thanks for your tips. You’re getting me interested in painting again, by the way.

  3. Awesome Salee! Just create for the sake of creating! It’s good for the heart and soul :). And thanks for taking the time to comment… means the world when people do!

  4. Beautiful painting and technique. Don’t ever feel ashamed or in the wrong for asking a question when trying to get ideas and learn something.. That’s what I’m doing in the moment, found a hobby that I love, looking at Pinterest, and that is why I look at your blog or whatever you call it. Thank you for the inspiration. Love the colors in the flower 🌸

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