Winter Storm V

We have gone where no storm this winter has gone before… these are the images of Winter Storm Vulcan…

Well, we finally got an *actual* snow day here… one for snow and not stinkin cold!  Of course, the Weather Channel had to name the storm and it gave me a chuckle.  Winter Storm Vulcan.

I hopped over to the Weather Channel Facebook Page and I loved that they were poking fun at themselves with the name.  People were encouraged to post #vulcanselfies there!  I thought well, that is a fun way to get my kiddos outside!

Winter Storm Vulcan

Then it dawned on me…

They were forming a V.  Like duh… but you see, they were forming a “V.”

V was what we called my friend Valerie.  And you know what?  She loved the snow.  She was a California girl, self transplanted to the east coast and she embraced every little white flake as a little glory to be treasured.  She took literally hundreds of beautiful photos in the snow.  Her joy for life and the little things was contagious.

I couldn’t help but smile.  V gave us a winter storm V… one parting beautiful farewell.  So V… here are some lovely winter photos for you.

Winter Storm Vulcan

Winter Storm Vulcan

Winter Storm V

Maybe you think I am grasping at straws.  Maybe you think I am just nuts… but honestly, I believe we receive the messages we need to help us through this crazy life.  They are there if you want to see them and sometimes, they get put right in front of your face and spelled out.

Thanks for reading.

17 thoughts on “Winter Storm V

  1. Kim, I don’t think most people open their eyes enough to actually see the many many “signs” that are right in front of us! God bless you for seeing AND for sharing. So sorry for your loss, what a beautiful tribute, love you! K

    • Thanks Christina! We ended with about 18 inches of snow on top of the slush (and never mind the drifting lol)… now the fun part… digging out!

  2. oh! wow! I noticed there was more to the story after your kids picture… the little window, didn’t let me see until after…

    I am sorry for your lost, but remembering someone with such joy, I think, is wonderful! Having someone around, like your friend Valerie, is like having an angle besides you.

    Thanks for sharing! and I agree with Kathy… Great way to pay tribute! xoxoxo

    • Thank you! I have been looking at them all winter- with the little bits of flower left- and each time I go to shoot them, the snow is off… but not this day!

  3. Oh, I love Nuts! I see the signs, I hear songs at just the right time, and I even smell Patchouli in the air sometimes and think of my dear departed sisters.

    • Or the monarch in the dead of winter… or a long lost note… and I too hear songs at the right time :). And if you like nuts, you have found the right place!

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