I sold one!

So this may seem a bit like a frivolous post, but it has a purpose I assure you.

On Saturday, I received a notification that I had sold an image print on Twenty20.com.  It was my very first photograph ever sold.

Red berries in the snow

To say I was excited was an understatement!  Now, you need to understand, that my profit on this transaction was about enough to get a cup of coffee and a bagel at my local coffee shop.  It is not enough to retire on but you know what?  My photography earned it!

If I had my drothers, I would shoot and paint all the day long (or at least while my kids were in school) and honestly, the images would likely only adorn my computer hard drive.

Putting my creations out into the world is like taking a little bit of my heart and opening it up, raw.  Out in the world, an image can be stolen, or belittled, or ignored forever.  It is a scary proposition.

There are millions and millions of images out in the world today and it is easy to think, who am I to compete?  Who do I think I am?  I believe I recently read that some photographers would simply call me a “mom with a camera” (MWAC) since I have no professional degree in the area.  Nice.

Well, I am here to tell you that as scary as it is to put your self and your creations out into the world, it is well worth it.  To touch someone’s heart deeply enough that they open their wallet for a piece you created is a pretty powerful thing.

So, as much as I would like to hibernate in my own creative world, making time to market, to interact with the world and to celebrate life along with it, I am sure will pay off in the end.

Afterall, today my coffee is paid for.

Thanks for reading!

Of course, I have to make a plug for checking out my twenty20 shop.  I do not post all of my images here since I feel the need to be a bit of a jabber jaw on WordPress… so be sure to check out my twenty20 shop often!

10 thoughts on “I sold one!

  1. Very awesome! I sold a painting print on ImageKind.com. You should check out that place, you scan in your images/paintings/etc and they print and frame and matte everything for the customer and you just set up your own pricing! Its pretty cool. Lovely photograph too 🙂

    • I should check them out. I am building up on fineartamerica.com (non-square 😉 ) and am considering Society 6 or Cafepress so that images can get on some different things! Thanks so much!!!

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