How to get your child to eat carrots

I recently discovered a much coveted secret…. how to get your child to eat carrots!  It will only cost you a thousand dollars, give or take a few…

It was the first day of a 5 day park pass at Walt Disney World.  We were enjoying Animal Kingdom and headed to our first set of attractions on our vacation.

We hoped on a “kiddie” dino ride in Dinoland USA and my 5 year old son had a ball.  He wanted to do it again and again!  The older three were much less amused with the “spin around, go up in the air and come down” ride so they headed to the ride that has the tallest height limit in the park- 48 inches.

To my surprise, my 7 y.o. made it on, no problem.  Mr. Adrenaline Junkie himself, my 5 y.o. was shy by about 4 inches. We explained that he needed to be taller to ride but we could do the Dino spin again.  Hubby and 3 kiddos proceeded on.  Mr. Adrenaline wouldn’t have it!

He walked up to the height sign, again and again. He even walked up to the Disney attendant and had her measure him, seemingly not believing his mother.  To his dismay, the result was the same.

Then it came.

The full on, blow out, feel sorry for the parents or the kid or just simply look away, meltdown.

Rockin Rollercoaster

It was one of the saddest things… like ever.  He would not be consoled.  He wanted to be a big kid.  He was adamant that he WAS a big kid.

The Disney attendant told him that he could have a different big kid job and help her to measure other kids.  Nope.  (but seriously, thanks for trying!!!)

The sobs and the re-measuring persisted… for about 30 minutes… the entire time that my family was on the ride.  He would not leave that ride, despite the sounds and scents and even other close rides. He went limp when I tried to pick him up to even change scenery. Instead, he sobbed and re-measured.  Said he WAS a big kid and measured again, convinced the outcome would somehow change.

Rockin Rollercoaster

Finally, my family came down the ramp, off the ride and little man would not even look at my hubby.  Hubby scooped him up and had a chat with him. The sobbing finally stopped.

We moved on with our day and headed home for lunch and a swim.  While setting things out for lunch, little man grabbed the bag of baby carrots from the fridge and put some on his plate… unsolicited.  Keep in mind, I have never seen him eat a raw carrot… ever… cooked veggies, yes.  Raw? No.

I did not say a word.

After lunch, I asked him how his lunch was.  He said good.  I asked how he liked the carrots.  He said, you know, if I eat them, I will grow.  I smiled and simply said, yes.

He asked for carrots at every meal he could that week.

And you know what?  By the grace of God, that boy did grow.  A pair of pants were too short when we got home.  Thanks for sealing the deal Lord!

And thanks for reading!


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