Monet’s Waterlilies

While visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando this year, we made our traditional trip through Living with the Land.

The slow boat ride takes you through some cool ways on how man has come to learn to live with the land while feeding an ever growing population.  It ends with a tour through the research green houses where you find hydroponic veggies, growing innovations and even some farm raised fish tanks.

Disney cacao

Each year there are new things growing in the green houses so you never know what you might come across.  This year, I was completely surprised to find a little bitty pond, full of waterlilies. Apparently, the seeds are both nutritious and edible!  Who knew?!

Then of course I snapped away!  Water lilies are one of my FAVORITE things and well, I don’t get to see them very often.  When in college, I was completely inspired by the impressionists, especially Monet… and we all know about Monet and water lilies.

Monet Water lily

So with Monet in mind, I set off to see if I could create a digital water color with my image…

disney flowers

Original photo from Living with the Land at Walt Disney World

I did a bit of this, a bit of that, used some artistic filters and blended.

Then I added more layers and blended some more until I thought I would ruin it!

monet lilies4_72wm

I think I could likely get a bit more crazy and really Monet it up but alas, something has to get done around here today!

Thanks for reading and looking!  Don’t be afraid to push your own boundaries today!

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