Oh flowers, how I love thee!

Not often am I surprised by weather but every once in a while, it catches me off guard.You see, I live in a part of the United States where weather is constantly changing.  Weather forecasts are really a part of my day.  In fact they are a part of most people’s days.  Weather is not just pleasant conversation, it is really more helpful discussion.

“I heard we were going to get 2-5 inches after dinner.”

“I saw 1-3 after lunch.  The storm seems to be shifting.”

Now granted, this “weather watching” can be an obsession for some but honestly, it allows us to not panic, not freak out and generally be able to handle things more easily.  Granted, this is for our “normal” weather.

Well, on Friday before our winter break, we received 12 new inches of snow overnight.


And I woke up to this outside my kitchen window.


It was another day in show country and within a few hours, the 12 inches was gone off the roads and driveways and kids were in school.

As planned, we headed out on our long drive to Florida for some much needed and desired sunshine and warmth.  We stopped in a much more southern state which seemed to still be closed and was anticipating another inch of snow over night.  The parking lot of the hotel was FULL of unshoveled snow and cars covered as if they had not moved in days. It was a bit perplexing since the roads were dry and totally clear.  I don’t think anyone gave the hotel patrons that message since in the morning the cars were all still there… untouched.  Perhaps they didn’t have power.

We hit the road in the morning and by evening the temperature had gone up by about 15 degrees… ahhh the sweet warmth of 50 degrees!

In the morning the sun greeted me with clear skies and imagine my surprise when I found this outside our balcony window…

bee in blooming tree

It was almost as if Florida had had a true spring and the trees and flowers were reawakening.

We have been down there many times at this time of year and never did it seem so fresh as this trip. Many trees had lost ALL of their leaves.  Many of the decorative grasses had died off and where re-sprouting.

Spring was springing in all its glory and with it, my spirit did too.

people mover in disney

pretty pink flowers_72

Now, it also may have helped that Disney is hosting the International Garden show in a few short weeks so over the course of the week we watched the grounds transform with fully bloomed flowers.  It was wonderful!

As you can imagine, I have about a bajillion photos from Disney and will be sharing!  So stop by again for more Disney beauty and fun!

Thanks for reading!

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