Digital Fun

One of the reasons I started creating digitally was a very easy one to identify.Namely, there is no mess! With four kiddos running around, it is easy for mess to expand exponentially, well, daily.  I started to create digital scrapbook pages a few years back when glue, scissors and piles of papers were just not a great thing to have around.  It may have been when my daughter took an entire book of stamps and put them on the back of a book that I decided it was time for those sorts of things to go away… for a while!

When I remember back to learning to take pictures, in fact the first time I stepped into the dark room (yup, I am that old) I was amazed that I could take a somewhat blah picture and crop it to make it more interesting.  Shapes, light and dark, composition, even subject could all shift, simply by looking at different ways to crop the same photo.  In a dark room, this was a bit more “permanent” in a final image but now… with Photoshop or Lightroom or even Window’s gallery or a myriad of apps… you can crop away and simply undo!

The other thing I love to do is use the blending features, gradients and other artistic options in Photoshop and apps to see what I can come up with.  I guess you could say its a way to create digital art and take this photo…

snow on pine tree

and turn it into something like this…

digital tree_72wm

Thanks for looking!

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