Landscapes with Alcohol Ink

You may have figured out that there are several things that seem to run as a theme through my images…Hearts



Nature (in general)

I took a look back through what I have created and there is at least one of those elements in EVERYTHING I have made.  I guess they are like my artistic calling cards!

So, it will not come as a surprise that I have made a couple more alcohol ink pieces… landscapes.  One with a tree!  Shocker!

alcohol ink landscape

alcohol ink tree

Based on my naming regularity (as in how I name my files digitally) I realized how far I had come as an artist using alcohol inks since the above image landed next to this one…

alcohol ink tree landscape

With that, I have to say pushing myself to learn during the 30 day challenge was well worth it for me!  It’s nice to look back sometimes, so long as you don’t linger there too long!

Thanks for looking and reading!

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