30 in 30 recap

Well, I think the final count was 27… Give or take a few *ahem* gimmes.

No matter how I count the total, I have to say I accomplished what I set out to do on January first of this year.


1) I rekindled fun in creating.
2) I learned some new forms of artistic expression.
3) I refined some techniques.

All in the span of a month!


On the 30th of January, I received a long awaited care package and well, I did a lot of abstract creating over the past day or so… So that means the habit is sticking right?!



I received an application to an art show in September yesterday, unexpectedly… And maybe, just maybe, I will swallow my fear and send in an application!

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “30 in 30 recap

  1. Kim, congrats on sticking to the challenge!!! And yes, push your boundaries and don’t let fear stop you. You will have fun at the art show, talk to people, and get the feel to being in an event. Just do it!!! and have fun with it 😀 Oh! and love all your creations!

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