Home and heART- Doodle 20

Well, still plugging along with the 30 day challenge although I will say that I hit a major rough patch this week.Creative mojo left me, art supplies ran out…  all the things that thwart a creative soul even on a good day seemed to happen this week.  Add a couple of sick kids and another migraine and well, it has been a sad creative week.

Sigh.  Ok, sad sack sorry for myself done now.

What I did manage to do was doodle and color a bit each day.  Was it a finished piece in one day? Nope.  Did it get finished at all?  Yup! Yay me!

pen prismacolor doodle

The original is on smooth bristol and was finished in Photoshop to add the sun and sky and pencil doodles along the side.  What I like about that is that I can change that background to just about anything!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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