Capturing the cold

So today was an unexpected day off for the kiddos.I am going to be honest, we tried to go out and blow and freeze bubbles in the frigid air.  It did NOT work.  We even made a “super bubble” solution.  That did not work either.  We did manage to get one bubble to freeze… after popping… which was sort of cool.  If you have any tricks in this area, would love to have them since it looks like tomorrow will be frigid too!

We even threw boiling water into the air to watch it freeze!  And it did!  Seriously fun.

boiling water in the snow

We boiled water to a rapid boil and poured it into a large mug.  Took a few steps outside the house into the driveway and underhand threw the water into the air.  Snow what fun!  We found that if the water was not rapidly boiling, seriously hot that we just got a lot of water in the air.  Not so fun.

Of course I had camera in hand and the ice was glistening in the sun and the sky was a bright, bright blue. Snap away I did!

icicle rainbow

I played with my original digital image and used some split toning as well as blending to really capture what I felt.  It may be stinkin’ cold outside but boy is nature glorious!

Thanks for reading and looking!

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