A Study in Permission and Color- 16-19

OK, so I may be stretching it a bit to say that these are 4 separate pieces…but hey, they are 4 separate papers… with 4 different color schemes… made in a series.  So, yay for me!

As I continue to play with paint and ink, I went a little crazy and combined the two today.  The background for each image is made with a combination of 3 different alcohol inks.  I am very predictable in my color choices.  I like an analog color scheme typically and try to throw in an accent but don’t always do very well with that.  So, that’s what I tried for!

analog colors

The interesting thing I found was with my choice of paint.  I used a Golden Fluid acrylic color on each background and the transparency did fun and crazy things.  I didn’t use a stencil on my hearts, in fact, I just took a brush and put them right on the canvas!  Crazy!!!

heart color play

I thought it would be fun to combine the final images into a poster of hearts and with help from my facebook friends, I filled in the words…

alcohol ink heart words

faith hope love joy laughter family friends happiness wine chocolate  yoga pants

What more could a girl want?!  OK, maybe I should have included coffee!

Thanks for reading and looking!!

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