Plains Sunset- Alcohol Ink- 15

Do you have an internal struggle?A push and pull?  An ebb and flow?  A constant balancing act to find, well, balance?

My love for art started, ironically, with a required art history course.  I was a biology major for goodness sakes!  Honestly though, I fell in love with the Impressionists.

They could take colors and place them next to each other and make something magical happen… sometimes without great detail.  They dabbled with precision and imagination.  They found a balance.

I struggle with my inner serious nature.  I get all perfectionist with things I create, which is good for some things, but with art, well, I think it can take the joy, the feeling out of the final product.  It can take that inner heart out.

alcohol ink

So now I play with alcohol ink.  The ink runs and evaporates.  It pools and flows on glossy paper. I continue to learn to add some precision to its imagination. Can I impose serious onto imaginative and find balance?  I am not sure… so, I will continue to play!

Thanks for looking!

6 thoughts on “Plains Sunset- Alcohol Ink- 15

  1. I really understand you even if I think I’m not as perfectionist as you…but day by day I learn to be tolerant with my results and don’t compare them too much (just a little bit) with my imagination…learning means to try, to get things wrong, to correct and to continue playing 🙂

  2. Kim, Google Robert Burridge Art. He is out of CA and works with artists to bring joy back into their art – not perfection! I just ordered his posters for my studio on color and composition. A bracelet fell out of the envelope with simply one word – Permission. 🙂

  3. I think finding your comfort zone when creating is part of any creative mind. We need to learn to let go at one point and not look for imperfections. It is great that you continue playing… It all should be about that 😀

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