Doodle Owl- 14

As I posted earlier in this challenge, I am hoping to work on a couple of different skills, along with playing with some different mediums.  This may not come as a huge surprise, but the combination of what you use MAKES a HUGE difference.

Needless to say, I have a couple of different journals that I doodle in.  I have never really paid much attention. In working with the suminagashi inks, I learned a lot about different papers.  I also realized that I did not have the right one! So, before I set out doddling in ink, I picked up the manga drawing book my daughter received for Christmas.

Right there one the first page was what I had heard a billion times but paid no heed to…

You will want to get some nice smooth Bristol.  I feel so sad when someone starts to draw on just random sheets of paper.  D’oh!  Guilty as charged.

I had started this guy in my mixed media journal in pencil and quickly put on the brakes.  I grabbed a nice sheet of smooth Bristol and set out doodling.!!!

prismacolor pencils

I got a little caught up in the doodling and found once again the repetition of doodling in ink to be so calming.  Coloring in the lines (that I had created of course 😉 ) was relaxing.  My daughter in fact helped me to color.

He was lots of fun to do!

owl doodle

So the moral of this story is… feel free to play with different things but make sure you have the right combination for the outcome you desire!

Thanks for looking and reading!

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