Warning:Forecast- 13

I have to be honest, I sort of lost track of the days in the challenge.  Seems silly considering they correspond to the date in January. *facepalm*

So, I guess I will just do 30 pieces in 30 days and not give them a day date.  There.  Problem solved!

This little girl started out much differently but with my printer and copier not working, it was once again a punt or not finish.

mixed media on canvas

The original drawing had small “kisses” falling from the sky. (Lets just say its hard to draw chocolate falling from the sky and not have it look quite creepy… it was ewwwww!)  I also thought the little silver wrappers were a little to close to something a company might get grumpy for… so hearts it was!

Also, if you would like to take pics of your art for a show or your blog or whatever, I STRONGLY suggest using a nice morning light from a window.  The preview image was taken under a nice strong “pure white” bulb and you can see the colors are dramatically different, even with a bit of fudging.  (I didn’t go too crazy in photoshop fixing it.)  The image on this page is pretty much straight out of my camera!

Anyway, hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Warning:Forecast- 13

  1. Kim, love your blog btw…not just the beeeeutiful artwork that you put out day after day, but your words make me smile and I feel like you are right here talking to me. Love it! I guess those Bond kids got a huge chunk of the funny gene cuz you all just crack me up….miss you cuz

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