Let go of the worry- Day 11

So yesterday threw me for a loop.

I woke up at 3 a.m. with a migraine… that persisted most of the day.  Even after taking medication, I felt simply icky.

So in fairness to myself, I let day 11 slide. I picked up a pen for some line drawings but honestly, using my eyes hurt.   Then I thought… hey!  On day 6 I actually finished 2 pieces.  That counts for something right?!  You betcha!

For this piece, I had the idea of trying to figure out what would and would not (as in resist) alcohol ink.  I covered a small canvas with gesso and then laid down a quote with gel medium.  I stenciled on some fun chevron with modeling paste.

When the gel medium over the wording was dried, I covered the letters with hot glue.  Then I let the ink do its thing.

alcohol ink on gesso

The final piece is not quite how I envisioned, but as my quote says… I am embracing the possibilities!

alcohol ink gel medium

Thanks for reading and looking!

7 thoughts on “Let go of the worry- Day 11

  1. Kim! This is awesome, please put it on your Etsy store, I would like to buy it and send to Hannah at school! Pls let me know when it’s there and I will have you send, k?! Han’s a Gullen girl thru and thru , this quote is a perfect inspiration for my girl!! Yay!! (I am hoping you are willing to give this one up for sale!!!) love it!!

  2. Kim, I hope you fill better! This is a wonderful piece. The colors and patterns are beautiful! congrats on sticking to the challenge. Creating 2 pieces one day and using it the next, it is perfectly fine. 😀

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