Alcohol Ink Painting- Butterfly- Day 9

I swear!  This was done last night!  I started creating with some alcohol ink yesterday and well, lets just say, it looked a tad more like a Rorschach test than art.

That being said, I had the great idea of adding some detail with a sharpie.  I futzed with it for quite sometime before I went to bed, unsatisfied.

Well, in the light of day, I think its rather lovely.  I still need to work on drawing, but I like it.

alcohol ink butterfly

And well, I must confess something that I realized in looking at it.

I like bright colors.

There.  I said it.

If you have followed me as a digital designer or even been here since the beginning, or even seen any of my scrapbook pages, this may come as a surprise.  I tend to paint in seriously muted colors. Pastel should be my middle name.  My colors are more “natural.”  I think this tendency goes back to an art instructor once telling me that the colors in the bottle would not and could not be found in nature.  They are not natural.  Everything is blended.

He is not wrong.  That statement is also not, however, inspired.

If you look at the colors of butterflies or flowers or even the fish under the sea… they are vibrant.  They are rich and they are seemingly unnatural!  Those, those are the things that inspire me when I think about it.  So, why not paint in those colors!

I like bright!  Yup.

Now the challenge will be to attempt to use actual paint, not inks, and resist the urge to blend them into oblivion.  To stay bold!

I am going to try… and we shall see :).

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink Painting- Butterfly- Day 9

    • Thanks Patricia!!! Its been weird to “paint” without a brush… of course my typical method is my fingers 🙂 So they have been happy the past few days!

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