Liquitex ink lotus tree- day 7

I am not sure if it was because I watched back to back Mulan movies, followed by Wendy Wo,

but I felt inspired to create a lotus tree today. I am continuing to play with my inks and I am trying to embrace the life they have. I took a class not too long ago, and one of the strong messages was…

it will turn out the way it is supposed to turn out.


With that in mind, I laid the ink down and tipped and tilted and gently blew the ink.

Slowly and steadily, the image appeared.


The process was fun and liberating. I spent many years worried about putting the exact right color in the exact right place and honestly, it was that need for perfection that stopped me from creating… Creating anything really. So, I can’t imbue to work on letting that go! A little bit at a time right!?

Thanks for looking and reading!

9 thoughts on “Liquitex ink lotus tree- day 7

  1. I like the result! What kind of paper do you use with the inks? I like the idea of dripping or blowing on the ink for it to take shape, but does the paper have to be slightly repellent or non-absorbent?
    I like the message, “it will turn out the way it is supposed to be.” That’s quite refreshing 😀

    • For the liquitex ink like this one, I used an acrylic paint over gesso as my background. Not a whole lot of “slide” but I didn’t want too much. For the alcohol inks, I used glossy paper from Tim Holtz. Yupo paper is supposed to also be good for them but have yet to get my hands on some. Simply put… yup, non-absorbent it better for this! Thank for stopping by!

      • I’ve used ink on yupo before, and with a bit of water and some ammonia the inks can be manipulated and blended like you would charcoal.
        That makes perfect sense — thanks for the tip!

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