The Wandering Artistic Eye- Day 4

So it seems that I have a bit of a shiny thing disorder.

In other words, I am easily bored and in search of something new and different all the time.

You may have figured that out about me, but this challenge is proving it to me. I like to learn.

“Well, you have done three days of paper collages, won’t you continue your study of them all month?” you say.

“Why no! No I will not. Today I will try something new.”

Now in all fairness to myself, I went in search of some alcohol ink tutorials on youtube. You know my love of them. What I found and absorbed was paint marbling techniques. They are very cool.

So off to the store I went. Hey. I had to go out anyway… No judgements!

I did not find any of what I was looking for, alcohol ink or otherwise. So, I did what I also like to do and I dropped back and punted.

With some cool liquitex inks in hand, I improvised and had some fun!


What I did for the technique was attempt to float some pigment on water, similar to what I did with the alcohol ink cards I made. Got a tad more float, but not much.


It sure was fun to try to control the ink by applying it to the water with the tip of a brush. But alas, I had seriously no control. I made probably 10 different versions in short order.


Now, I realize that this doesn’t quite count as a “painting” for today, I am chalking it up to a “could have been” if I had a clue… And the right materials.

Sure was interesting to try and was so cool to watch the results appear. Honestly, I think 30 in 30 is as much about exploration as anything else.

The big question is… Can you tell what I was trying to create?

Thanks for reading and looking!

5 thoughts on “The Wandering Artistic Eye- Day 4

  1. Kim! Love this, boy do I wish we lived closer so we could experiment together! What kind of paper did you use? Good for you, what a fabulous way to spend the 30 in 30, new year, new applications, learning…love it!!

    • I know it! It would be so fun to paint together! The paper I used was… blank index cards. I needed an absorbent paper but let me tell you, these were a tad thin 😉 I had so much fun I may invest in some of the “real” stuff 🙂

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