Alcohol Ink Painting- Day 5

So today I may have taken another step toward painting with alcohol ink.Now, I did complete a landscape not too long ago but truthfully, I felt as if I was not fully exploring the ink for all its “life.”

The paper I had was wrong… so once again, I punted.  I used gesso on my mixed media paper so that I could get more glide and less absorption.  What I really needed to do was use a glossy paper.  File that knowledge under “Duh!”

alcohol ink_craftcreateconnect

I managed to find some Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink Cardstock at my local Michaels.  Sorry Hobby Lobby… you were seriously lacking in this area!  So off to play I went!

painting with alcohol ink

Using 91% alcohol along with my Tim Holtz inks, I began to drop color. It blended and pushed.  It mixed and ran.  Gravity in my slightly slanted old house became apparent!  The question became… on a glossy surface, how do you control a substance that has its own mind.

The answer… you really can’t and you know what?  That’s what makes it so fun!

Alcohol Ink Poppy_craftcreateconnect

I think I will be playing a lot more with alcohol inks during this 30 day challenge!  They are so bright and so vibrant and bring out my inner impressionist.

Thanks for reading and looking!

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