Owl Always Love You- Day 3

Painting for 3 days in a row has been an interesting challenge.

Today I learned how to pace myself as my layers dried.  I realized that I was “lost in the moment” when doing the detail work.  It is much easier to step away during paper placement on a background.  Maybe that’s why my studio has many, many uncompleted backgrounds.  (Yeah, we will go with that!)

Of course my hands are sort of worse for the wear since I washed each time I stepped away.  I will have to bust out some serious lotion tonight!

Anyway, this collage was made with my little ones in mind.  With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, it seemed appropriate.  I am trying to work on details in my collages as well as knowing when it’s “done.”


Hope you enjoy it!  Look for this one to be in my etsy shop soon!



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