Traveling through the photographers lens

When I was young, I always wanted to travel across the United States and take pictures.The goal was to see each and every state and to take them all in for their glorious beauty.  Then, I would publish a coffee table book with my photos larger than life proudly displayed inside.

With the changes in technology and the connection we now have to resources previously unattainable, it has become easy to do just that.  Well, not the “published” part per se, but pictures in a coffee table book… yup!

Charleston buildings

These past few days were spent in Charleston, South Carolina and on Kiawah Island.  The city is rich with heritage, history, culture and fabulous food.  As one native resident said “Charleston is always a minute away from a party.” Fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese, pigs ears, barbeque and bacon, some served in buildings dating back to the 1800s… horse drawn carriage rides, ghost tours…  hand made grass baskets, rooftop bars… a little bit of everything and all a must try!

pluff mud

Kiawah is a barrier island, about 45 minutes outside of Charleston.  Surrounded by marshes and pluff mud on one side and immaculate beaches on the other, it is a photographers and vacationers paradise. Not for photography?  Try the Sanctuary Spa or the world class golf courses!

Kiawah Island

I had the pleasure of taking it all in with a group of friends from college.  We have all been friends for a very long time and though miles may separate us, it is wonderful to just be able to pick up where we left off.  I do have to say however, that there were more conversations about carpools and coffee than there have been in the past.  We made a pact all those years ago when we graduated to get together for a vacation every 5 years and we have kept that promise.  This was our first trip without kiddos in tow and though I love my children, it was great to connect and have full length conversations without interruption.

Angel Oak Park Johns Island

Angel Oak, Johns Island

As a vacation destination, I have to say it was wonderful.  Charleston would be a great city to visit.  The more we toured, the more I appreciated it.  Kiawah was a great beach period.  The longer we were there, the more I planned our trip back.

So as I edit my photos from our adventures, I am uploading them to Shutterfly so that I can actually print my coffee table book this year.  Though it may not be “published” and make me rich and famous, I don’t think that was ever my intent when I first dreamed about doing it.  The trips, the time spent connecting with family and friends, those alone are priceless.

Thanks for reading!

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