Creative Entrepeneuers: Patricia Awapara

One of the things I love about the blogging community is the opportunity to interact with amazing people from around the world. I met Patricia Awapara through WordPress and I just love her story, her courage and her style so much that I had to share!

Without further ado… Meet Pati!

1) Please tell us a little about yourself and your creative business.
My story begun around forty years ago, in a far, far away land… ok, not so far, just 5,000 miles, in a city called Lima -Peru. Known for their delicious dishes like “Ceviche” and “Lomo Saltado”. And recently “Machu-Picchu” was declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Anyway, getting back to my story… after 16 years of Peruvian Ceviche, my parents moved us (my three sisters and me) to the US. Change is always difficult, but we adjusted quickly. Through the years, life happened, and art became a long forgotten passion. I didn’t get married or have kids, but I had to pay bills and had to have fun, which I did plenty, so I’m not complaining. It wasn’t until 2004 that I took my first painting class. Since then I decided I wanted to paint professionally.

2) How did you happen to start your own business? Was there a particular motivation?
Well, the strange thing was that it took me 10 years (after 2004) to gather focus, discipline and the courage needed to follow my dreams. I was working on a Land Surveying office for the last 14 years. For the most part, it was a great job. I worked as an assistant at first and then as a consultant for the Land Development department. However, when the real estate bubble burst it brought a lot of hardship to the company. Business got so bad that more than half of the employees were laid off and the ones that stayed (me) got 50% cut on their paychecks. With the years the situation worsened which made me think more about painting. So, one morning, after the owner demoted me (again) and told me to take it or he would cut my pay again, I decided I had enough. The truth though, this was just the perfect excuse for me to take the leap. 😀

Now, here I am! Finally quit my day job to do what I love. I am painting, growing as an artist and enjoying the process. It is a humbling experience.

3) Where do you d the creative inspiration for the new products you bring to life?
Inspiration is everywhere, if we look closer. Nature is one of them, but I get inspired from other artists, life, people, dreams and of course the desire to use color. Lately however, the thought of knowing that one of my painting will make someone smile is a pretty good one too. 😀

4) What would you like people to know about your wonderful products and services?
Well, the products and paintings I used are of high quality. I buy a variety of paints from Winsor & Newton, Rembrandt and Williamsburg. I paint in all sizes, from the smallest (5 x 7) to the biggest (48 x 60) inches. I have done and still get many commissioned paintings and until today all my customers have been 100% satisfied (Modest aside.. heehee)

5) When you are not busy working, what do you like to do to recharge?
I love to watch sci-fi movies, read all kinds of books, go to the beach or spend time with family.

6)Where can we find you on the internet?
Official website:
Facebook page: Awapara Fine Art
Twitter: Patricia Awapara

I hope you take a moment to click on the above to find out more about Pati and see her wonderful work. She just finished working on 30 pieces in 30 consecutive days! WHEW!

Thanks for reading and thanks Pati for sharing!

If you have a creative business you would like to share, please email me at I would love to hear from you!


7 thoughts on “Creative Entrepeneuers: Patricia Awapara

  1. It is impressive!!! Thanks for sharing it! I also follow Patricia on wordpress and i must say I really enjoy his posts and paitintings. She has a unique style! I specially love the mix of colours she uses!

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