Reflections on a morning routine

The alarm clock rings and we begin again
Raising four kids ages 5,7, 12 and 10.
They stayed up too late and now won’t get up
I have a meeting at nine and they are going to miss their bus!
Their hair isn’t brushed, their teeth barely cleaned
As I throw a bun in my hair I wonder “life of my dreams?”
MOM! I can’t find my shoes! MOM! My uniform?
The land of motherhood now enduring the perfect storm.

Mom, I am staying after school. Mom, I have practice tonight.
Please stop you two! There is no need to fight.
Mom, I’ll buy lunch today, no need to make one.
Yes, little man, that is the rising sun.
Wait one second, let me finish my thought,
No, it’s the other one. That’s not what we bought.

Mom, I’ll have an apple, but please a different drink?
Please go make sure your brother spits in the sink.
Go around the bunny ears and then pull through,
No, those socks don’t match but they will do.
Is your homework packed, like I asked you last night?
Nope, that jacket still fits, though it is a little tight.

Quick! I hear the bus, coming round the bend!
The perfect storm is now coming to an end.
With a quick squeeze and a kiss, maybe two
Each child leaves saying…Thanks Mom! I love you.

I watch as the bus pulls finally out of sight,
Now alone in our quiet house, I know…
My life is just.right.


A little artist liberty here perhaps… but i know you know what I mean.
Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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