Photo editing… Signature style

Have you ever thought about your photo editing style?

When I began taking photos, I learned to develop film in a dark room… Black and white only.
Yup, I am that old, but enough about that!

I think that skill helped me learn to crop and see lines and shadows but did not necessarily help with editing color.

With the advance of technology and programs like photoshop and photoshop elements, Lightroom and even snapseed on your idevice, editing options are endless! And, well, I edit all over the map!

Some days I bump contrast and then decrease saturation. Other days, I simply try to make the picture seem as real as possible. I am pretty much a straight edit kind of girl although I LOVE more fussy edits sometimes.

What do you think? Keep it simple? Stay traditional… Black and white or sephia? Go nuts? What is your signature editing style?


8 thoughts on “Photo editing… Signature style

  1. I don’t think I have any signature style. More of experimenting with the effects. For my phone, I use Photowonder and Camera Zoom Fx. On my macbook, I will Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Chrome app Pixlr Express.

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