Babysitter Wanted

Just when I thought I finally has all of my charges in school, I was approached by an unexpected source to care for their little one.

With some uncertainty in my voice, I agreed to look after the precious cargo for the day. And then I was given the outline for the day along with the accompanying bag of necessary items.

Ballet is first, so she is in her tutu already. That’s in the kitchen.
She likes a story read to her and a snack after that.
Her toys are in the bag so she can play. Make sure she gets outside if it’s not raining.
For lunch, she can have eggs because that’s the only pan I have, other than cupcakes and those are saved for when she eats a good dinner.
I should be back a little bit after all that but if you need to, you can put her down for a nap. She sometimes takes them but will need to change her clothes first.


So, I asked what I would be paid for such a long day.

The response… “Um, Mom. She is not even real, so I am not going to pay you 10 bucks. How about kisses instead? ”

I figured that was a reasonable deal so we shook on it.

As the little Mom walked off to get on the bus, I realized just how scary it is to be a Mom… Just how much these little people pay attention to even the smallest of things. Even with four children, it still surprises me to see myself reflected in them.

As the doors to the bus opened, my little one turned to me and said, “take good care of her.” My response, ” I promise I will do my best!” That’s all I can do.

Thanks for reading!


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