Make it your own Monday: 3 painted textures with found items


Did you know that shelf liner isn’t just for shelves any more?

When I set out on my artistic journey, I remember wise words from a friend and mentor regarding liability and art…

You can’t be sure it’s safe unless you make it yourself.

Seemed like obvious advice at the time.

Then I began to pursue mixed media art. This is where it gets a little tricky. You see, I started using scrapbook paper and stamps and stencils in a whole new way. They were in my stash from years of scrap booking and made the coolest of impressions and images when combined with abandon. Then I learned about “angel policies.” This is the “commercial use” policy for many stamp and paper companies. Some exist. Some don’t. Some say go ahead and make and sell stuff with our items… But only this many. Some say personal use only. It’s a lot to keep track of.

So, I talked to an intellectual property attorney, and this in NO way constitutes legal advice… He said, little things like this have so little money attached that people don’t really care. It takes a lot of money to hire the attorney and litigate etc so is not worth a minor infraction to follow up on typically. So we follow the money… My artist friend had another artist friend who was picked up for commercial aka massive reproduction on a global scale. She had hit the artistic jackpot… Some would say. But she also found out the hard way that if it isn’t all your own… Then yes, it can bite you in the butt and it did. I believe we all fall into that second category don’t we? We would like to think that we can and will be successful in out craft, well known for our images and sought after. In other words, if we sell our wares, we want them to sell!

So, with that said, I looked into my bag of tricks, knowing that I would like to sell images one day and began to make things all my own. It started with creating papers digitally and moved on to rub ons, stencils, stamps and more. So on Mondays, I would like to share some of this knowledge so that you too can begin to make things all your own!

With that… I give you my first ever video… Enjoy!

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