Using Pinterest for Business

Do you love Pinterest for finding inspiration?

KBT and Co

If so, I would love to have you join me there!  Follow me and I will be sure to follow back.

I recently attended a cool seminar on using Pinterest for business and as a result, set up a business page.  I was surprised to find out that it is the #4 most used social media platform but even more surprised to find out that people are 2x more likely to actually go and purchase items seen on Pinterest than on Facebook!

So head on over to Pinterest by following this link and find some fun inspiration and links to the products I use and talk about in my artsy endeavors!

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4 thoughts on “Using Pinterest for Business

  1. It is! In fact, I have sold paintings through pinterest. However, once you post your art, or any photo in their site, you are giving them the right to use them as they see fit. They can even profit from your photo and not give you royalties. It is a bit complicated, but if your product sell and you don’t mind for them using your image (just like instagram, facebook and even twitter), then it’s all good! You could read it more about it in their privacy policy. Best wishes! 😀
    PS I hope I didn’t spoiled it for you.

    • I did see that. Amazon is even the same way! I have an author friend who’s book cover was used by Amazon without credit or compensation! I am a bit of a maniac about putting watermarks on everything and everything is wicked small :)- never bigger than 72dpi. It is a giant marketing thing… and its free… so I guess its a bit of give and take!

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